Circular Vienna is a consortium striving toward making our city a regenerative community

We can’t stop talking about the symptoms and never get around to doing something about the problem. Let’s start with

Regenerate: Taking from nature and not giving back. What would happen if you couldn’t eat or breathe or sleep? You wouldn’t last very long. We expect the planet to do fine though. Mother Earth had millions of years to accumulate what we are taking for granted. Do we need permission to give nutrients back?

Reinvest: Instead of chasing the ultimate financial return on some phony promise, how about we invest our savings in local business? The knock-on effect is enormous. We don’t have to bribe companies to set up shop. We don’t have to be constantly threatened that those businesses will move out. We clearly see the returns of our investment and can directly play a role.

Reuse: Just because you don’t have a use for what you are throwing away doesn’t mean nobody else does. What kind of city would we have if everybody was to check out what each other no longer needs?
You might be thinking these objectives are ambitious, and yes they are. There is no denying that we need no one to get started on these goals. We can do them on our own and in our own way. Do we need the federal or local government to feel empowered? Is Brussels needed for us to get started?

Let’s make 2022 our year, where we were able to make a difference all on our own!