Circular Vienna is a consortium striving toward making our city a regenerative community

Transition principles

We respect resource limits and create resilience Resilience applies to nature and to all living beings, including humans

We promote inclusivity and social justice:  Free speech is not convenient,  Inclusiveness is not convenient,  Injustice is convenient

We adopt subsidiarity:  self-organization and decision-making at the appropriate level,  Autonomy and mastery: rediscovering what we once had and understanding it is something we need to continuously work on.

We pay attention to balance:  Sustainability is not convenient,  We create space for reflection, celebration, and rest to balance the times when we’re busily getting things done.

We are part of an experimental, learning network:  Willing to ask the question. If we are performing activities that bring no value, why are we performing them? 

  • Micro - conclusions you come to yourself
  • Messo - within the group or community
  • Macro - the power to scale from the bottom to the top

We freely share ideas and power:  Cooperation, not competition,  Transition looks different in different places and we want to encourage rather than unhelpfully constrain that diversity.

We collaborate and look for synergies:  a collaborative culture, finding links between projects, creating open decision-making processes, and designing events and activities that help people make connections.

We foster positive visioning and creativity:  We believe in using creative ways to engage and involve people, encouraging them to imagine the future they want to inhabit.

Let’s make 2022 our year, where we were able to make a difference all on our own!